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What is a celebrant?

People often ask exactly what a celebrant is and what they can do.

Basically, a celebrant is a person who performs or officiates ceremonies.  These include weddings, civil partnerships, and vow renewals, funerals, interments and memorials, namings and re-namings.  They can also perform at any other special occasion.

A celebrant isn’t bound by any religion, statute or doctrine, meaning celebrant ceremonies enable us to construct and perform completely personalised ceremonies for every client.  This applies to what happens and where it happens – all your choice. Ceremonies carried out by a celebrant can contain any wording the clients require whether religious, spiritual or personal. Ceremonies are about those the ceremony is for, telling the story of the clients, not the ideologies of any religion or anti-religion sentiment. Good celebrants are merely the mouthpiece of their clients.

[Adapted from an extract from UK Society of Celebrants]