Professional Celebrant

  • Funerals, memorials, and interments
  • Weddings
  • Namings and re-namings
  • Other celebratory occasions

Funerals and Memorials


My starting point is non- religious, but ultimately it is about what you want and where you want it to take place.  I work closely with a number of local funeral directors and together we aim to see off your loved one with style and dignity, focusing entirely on them.



Once you have done the legal bit, then it’s up to you.   Whether you want your ceremony in ultimate style in a Stately home or Chateau, or somewhere a little more ‘unusual’ such as one of the South West’s fabulous cliff or beach locations, or even at sea.  We can talk about your vision and create the perfect day together.

Namings and Re-namings

Whether a child or an adult, our identity is often linked to our name.  The moment we take on that name should therefore be marked with celebration.  You decide where and when.  Together we decide how.


Anniversaries and special occasions


We all have special moments throughout our lives.  They might be determined by time – wedding or relationship anniversaries; or by achievement.  I will work with you and / or the special people around you to mark the occasion in the right way.  

Pet funerals

Saying goodbye to our four-legged companions


One of the saddest moments in any pet-owner’s life is when you have to say goodbye. You have given them the best life and they have returned that love with companionship and loyalty. The end is an opportunity to remember those good times.